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Our Goals...

The goals of our company are to provide the very "best" customer service possible, and to operate profitably, in a manner which is socially, ethically and environmentally responsible, that produces a high-quality food/beer that the buying public enjoys consuming. Continuing to develop a socially responsible philosophy which includes alcohol awareness, beer education and philanthropy. Continuing to operate in an environmentally responsible manner: recovering energy, reusing resources and recycling wherever possible. Continuing to nurture a strong, respectful relationship among all employees, vendors, and customers, which is mutually beneficial to the individual(s) and our company. Lastly, continuing to have fun in the process, thus part of the reason for our company's logo!!!

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Our Company...

Our "little" company was incorporated under the laws of the State of California on October 15, 1991 by its principal founder Troy Paski. Having gained experience in satellite operations, and software debugging/development, the company was originally conceived with the intent of providing engineering services to the defense industry. However, as an avid home brewer since receiving a brewing "kit" for Christmas in 1991, and having a passion for truly great beer, Troy soon realized a much more lucrative growth opportunity emerging in the craft-brewing industry, and helped pursued the company to pursue that avenue for growth instead.

On a cold wintry evening while sampling a very nice blueberry ale in November 1993, it was officially decided to focus the company's energy on commercially marketing our company's new flagship product, which up until then had been T.ROY's (nickname for Troy) home-brew specialty. It took us six months of intensive labor finding the right investors, suppliers, and everything else, before we were able to get our flagship product on the market.

In an attempt to carve out a niche in the growing microbrewery market, we decided to distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing the consumer with an easily identifiable package that was unlike anything previously seen in the industry (e.g., product separation...), along with a traditional style of beer (India Pale Ale - IPA) that had not been readily available to consumers for quite some time. We believe this style of beer tends to attract those consumers who are currently drinking hand-crafted pale ales, and who are looking for a more fuller-bodied "more mouth feel" type of beer to drink. This train of thought has proven to be an asset to our company, and has been clearly evident from the enthusiasm generated by consumers over our company's flagship product!!!

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Our Past History...

Troy awoke one morning in December of 1993 with the idea of calling our new flagship product Hoppy Face™ Amber Ale. This was a fun "little" name he felt, and he soon found some people trying to talk him into naming his brew with a name which was a little more serious in nature. However, he believed this was a perfect marriage between his highly-hopped "hoppy" home brew, and the label he had designed for an annual summer beach party called - Beach Bash Amber Ale, which featured a smiling sunshine with rays "face"; so we now had a name to go with our flagship product...

From there, and after a great deal of energy went into trying to get our flagship product on the market, we made our commercial product debut on July 15, 1994 at the Northern California Small Brewer's Festival in Mountain View, California. Not having our own brewery, Troy had found a place in southern California with some excess capacity and he began driving down there every two weeks to brew and package our Hoppy Face Amber Ale. A month after our debut, our six-packs hit the store shelves. Somewhere along the way we had picked up a distributor, so upon making our debut, we already had distribution access to all of Santa Clara county. We proceeded to grow, and by the end of 1994 we had distribution arrangements which completely covered the entire San Francisco Bay Area...

As we continued to grow in 1995, we found a brewery closer to San Jose that had some excess capacity and would let Troy come in and brew our flagship product, which reduced the need for the long drives to Southern California. In 1995 we saw our retail locations increase through more chain authorizations, and with a small distribution entrance into the states of Idaho and Colorado. In addition, we began attending a number of "charitable" festivals to help spread our word. Somewhere during the year, Troy began looking at buildings in the Willow Glen area of San Jose to use for our first brewpub. Much to his dismay, Troy was able to find a perfect building, but was unable to put a proper "deal" together that was fair and equitable to both our company, and/or the building owner and investors.

Early in 1996 we saw the debut of our company on the world wide web. In addition, our Hoppy Face™ won a silver medal in the India Pale Ale category at the World Beer Championships. In April, we became the only "micro" available at the single "A" San Jose Giants stadium. In July we released our second product Liquid Sunshine™ and our Hoppy Face™ in 22 ounce bottles. Later that year in the middle of October, we released our third product Total Eclipse™, which rounded out our basic portfolio of beers. Just after Thanksgiving we released our very special holiday ale, aptly named Hoppy Claus™ for only a limited time. While all this was going on, in July Troy gave up on finding a suitable Willow Glen location and began focusing on downtown San Jose.

1997 saw the craft brew industry continuing to grow and more and more people getting into the business. Troy continued to work on building a brewpub in downtown San Jose and even looked into opening one in nearby Campbell, but was unable to construct anything that was fair to our company and our investors. However, we continued to expand our festival involvement with the likes of the San Jose America Festival and the San Jose International Beer Festival, our corporate sponsorship continued to grow with the San Jose Rhino's roller hockey team, and we even expanded (for a time) our distribution network to include the San Diego area. Towards the end of the year, we entered into a partnership with one of our customers and assumed operations of a microbrewery in the foothills east of Sacramento. Although, not a brewpub and not in the Bay Area, it still gave us an opportunity at brewing our own products under our own roof, and potential access to expand our distribution to the Central Valley and the Lake Tahoe areas. The "real" highlight of '97 came with our Hoppy Claus™ Holiday Ale winning a Silver Medal in the Herb/Spice category at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.

The bubble burst for the craft brew market in California in 1998. Too many people in the business, distributors taking on too many brands, and retailers not being able to push through enough product to consumers to keep everyone's wheels turning. Distributors went out of business, our business venture east of Sacramento evaporated when our business partner pulled out at mid-year. To put it mildly - 1998 was not a pretty year for many brewers in the craft beer business. On the bright side, our Hoppy Springs™ Pre-Brewed Spring Water made its debut at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado as the official water sponsor of the festival. In addition, we continued to brew our products and get them to as many customers as possible.

In 1999 Troy continued to look for potential brewpub locations, while continuing to brew at a location with excess capacity, and eventually found an opportunity in Sacramento. After creating a number of proposals over the years, it was finely nice to see one come to real fruition. It took several months of negotiations, but we opened our doors in Sacramento on the first of June, and have seen a steady increase in our sales and in people learning about our business ever since. Towards the end of the year, our Total Eclipse won first place at the California Brewers Festival in the Robust Porter category.

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Our Present Status...

Currently, our company is growing our full service brewpub here in Sacramento, while at the same time self-distributing our products to retailers in the Sacramento area. We are brewing all of our products here in Sacramento and have 10 products on tap here at the brewpub. In addition, our current California distribution network consists of just one hard working distributor: A & D Distributing. We utilize this established distributor in their selected market to sell principally to the packaged/bottle market through authorized retail outlets, and the on-premises draft market through establishments licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. Our core products (i.e., Hoppy Face™, Liquid Sunshine™ and Total Eclipse™) are currently available in draft and 22 ounce bottles, and only available in the Sacramento and San Jose areas, but that will likely change as we continue to expand this year.

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Our Future Plans...

With more and more people coming into our brewpub in Sacramento each day, we will continue to work on making it run as efficiently as possible, all while continuing to provide the very best customer service possible. We will also work on growing our online ordering and to-go business. We will enter more festivals, with the hopes of earning more awards this year, and we will more than likely have our own Brewers Summer Solstice Festival in June. We will work on obtaining a liquor license, which will help satisfy the needs of some of our customers requests, and a catering permit to further broaden consumer awareness in the greater Sacramento area for our products this year. We will continue to expand our self-distribution accounts in the Sacramento area, not to mention our retail accounts in the Bay Area. In addition, now that we have brewpub number one under our belts, brewpub number two has to be on the horizon some where... :)

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